SolarEast Australasia Products

Solar Residential Attic Fans

SolaVent by SolarEast – Real energy savings for your Coastal or Inland household (Heavy Duty, Long Life Construction)

In Australia, close to 40% of total residential power usage can be attributed to heating and cooling. By cooling the ceiling in summer and reducing damp and moist air in winter, SolaVent can improve the comfort of your home and its indoor air quality. Where homes have air conditioning installed, SolaVent can save hundreds of dollars each year by improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system.


SolarEast Australasia’s Model SAF15IN (Galvanised steel construction) and SAF15C (Aluminium and stainless steel construction) PV Attic Fans will quietly and efficiently cool and dry your attic whenever there is sun.

With a 6-21V brushless DC motor for long life, the SAF15 Range of Attic Fans reduces energy costs by:

  1. Reducing the need to run costly air-conditioners and ceiling fans in hot conditions;
  2. Increases efficiency of ducted air-conditioning systems reducing energy costs;
  3. Energy for exhaust DC motor is free from the sun; no additional power is required