SolarEast Australasia has been established in 2014 to pool a carefully selected extensive knowledge base in water heater design and manufacture with leading edge marketing in Australia and New Zealand. In more recent times, SolarEast Australasia has added high quality ranges of energy saving appliances including solar powered skylights and attic fans in addition to integrated and off-grid lighting products for both residential and commercial application. SolarEast Australasia draws on globally recognised R&D and manufacturing expertise in over 100 countries and regions and combines this with extensive local technical and market-specific expertise in Australian and New Zealand markets. The result is the unique mix of the best technologies and marketing solutions, tailored specifically to our markets and at affordable prices.

A Complete Solution

SolarEast Australasia is essentially a solar solutions driven Company. As a company, we are committed to the Australian and New Zealand solar markets and manufacture products specifically tailored to these markets. Products are developed specifically in keeping with Australia’s diverse geographic and climatic extremes and include solar water heater solutions for frost areas, arid and coastal zones and cyclone rated areas. We also offer a complete range of electric “hotties” (electric storage hot water) in addition to complete ranges of accessories and commonly used brass-ware to help lower install and maintenance costs. In addition, to add value to your home, SolarEast Australasia offers an extensive range of energy efficient products including solar attic fans, solar skylights and solar LED products. These products are offered to our customers to help reduce spiraling electricity costs and reduce costs associated with ducted air-conditioning in homes, eliminate dark areas within our homes and provide “free from the sun” lighting both internally and externally in residential applications.