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Accessories – Valves

Suprema Brass Valves & Fittings

All valves offered for sale include cast DR Brass bodies and are Australian Standards WaterMark approved. All valves are designed for both standard electric and solar installations as per the installation instructions.  

Non Return Isolation Valve (Part Number SR5501)

  • Complies with AS1357
  • 10kPa to 2,000kPa Pressures
  • EPDM Seating for high temperature performance to 80ºC
  • Nut/Brass Olive compression ends

Expansion Control Valve (Part Number SR5502)

  • Complies with AS1357
  • 700kPa to 850kPa Pressures
  • Rating capacity 10kW
  • Equipped with auxiliary pressure relief mechanism
  • Anti-deposit process to valve seat

Pressure Limiting Valve (Part Number SR5503)

  • Complies with AS1357.2
  • Maximum continuous operating pressure 1400kPa
  • 350, 500, 600kPa models
  • Maximum inlet pressure 2000kPa

Tempering Valve (Part Number SR5504)

  • Complies with AS4032.1
  • Ideal working pressure 0.1MPa to 0.5MPa
  • Cold Water Temp 4C to 29C
  • Hot water temp 40C to 75C