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Solar East Australasia - Our Story


Follow the links below to learn more about Solar East Australasia - our history, location, and our Australian Standards certification.



Welcome to SolarEast Australasia Pty Ltd – tailored Australian and New Zealand Water Heating and PV/LED Energy saving solutions. SolarEast Australasia Pty Ltd was established in 2014 in Brisbane to assist in the growth of the solar industry... read more.


SolarEast Australasia has been established in 2014 to pool a carefully selected extensive knowledge base in water heater design and manufacture with leading edge marketing in Australia and New Zealand. In more recent times, SolarEast Australasia has... read more.


SolarEast Australasia’s premises is conveniently located in Kippa Ring, just off Anzac Avenue. Our full address is 1A, 19 Beach Street, Kippa Ring, Queensland 4021...read more.


SolarEast Australasia products are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with Australia’s strict Australian Standards and regulatory requirements. Factories are regularly audited by Australian Certification Bodies... read more.