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SolarEast Australasia product information.

NiteLite – Solar Residential Skylights

NiteLite by SolarEast – Free sky-light and totally off-grid.

NiteLite – enjoy your evenings without using power - a new and clever way to harness energy from the sun and provide your home with free light, day and night!

Imagine not switching on a light in your kitchen or bathroom while the sun shines and having stored energy to use for hours after dark; imagine the sun providing us with light in those darker areas of our homes, day and night; you have just imagined NiteLite, PV powered LED sky lights with powerful battery back-up.

Virtually eliminating the potential for water leakage and subsequent possible roof and ceiling insulation damage and expense using some sky-light systems, NiteLite will conveniently and inexpensively transform your rooms into areas of near natural light with attractive LED lighting options.

The system is simple! A small PV panel located on your roof connected via a lithium battery and controller to a LED surface mounted light in your ceiling via the electrical plug-in cord provided and you have all year round free light to your house whenever the sun shines. After dark, a roof mounted sensor will detect movement and switch on the NiteLite.

Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, ensuites, walk-in robes….the list is endless! Enjoy the energy savings of not switching on a light during daylight


The SE2017 NiteLite sky light systems are made available for you in conveniently sized and configured packages to suit every room in your house.