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Electric Boost Solar with Heat Pipe

Sunrain by SolarEast – Dependable efficiency for your home

Purchase your Electric boost solar water heater from one of the worlds largest manufacturers of solar thermal products. You simply cannot be charged for free solar hot water. Ideal for frost areas.

Australia is a vast continent with climatic extremes that challenge manufacturers to ensure Australia’s homes and appliances are protected from frosts and Australian families can continue to enjoy hot water from the sun without concern for damage to flat plate collectors in times of frost.

Sunrain Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters provide excellent protection against Australia’s frost conditions. All Sunrain solar water heater systems are specifically configured and manufactured for Australia.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Australian conditions with high quality componentry

  • Small collector size allows for versatile architectural integration

  • Easy tube replacement without loss of hot water

  • Large manifold to reduce heat losses

  • 7 year tank and collector warranty (Limited)

  • Systems full Australian Standard Approved and eligible for Government incentives (STC’s)