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Electric Boost Solar with FPC

Sunrain - Electric Boost Solar with Flate Plate Technology

Purchase your Electric boost solar water heater from one of the worlds largest manufacturers of solar thermal products. You simply cannot be charged for free solar hot water. Ideal for coastal and non-frost areas.

Australia’s eastern coastal fringe is one of the largest coastal fringes for a single country anywhere in the world. Our opportunity to take advantage of solar water heaters is world class with plenty of sunshine all year round.

Sunrain Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heaters are ideal in non-frost areas. Quietly efficient, your family will benefit from hot water generated from a source that you cannot be charged for. Solar hot water, it makes great sense.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Australia with high quality componentry

  • Toughened glass to resist impacts from hail and other falling objects

  • Slim line appearance for your roof top

  • 7 Year tank and collector warranty (limited)

  • Systems full Australian Standard Approved and eligible for Government Incentives (STC’s)